Roverradio com thursday hookup

roverradio com thursday hookup

trip to JLRs house found a refurbished PS3 from another store., jeffrey claims his voice is getting lower. Alicia admits to having sex with an inmate while she worked at a prison! October 8, 2018199 min 199 min, live from Rochester, Charlie is having panic attacks, more. Jeffreys smoke beep detector has been beeping for an beep unbelievable 8 years! Comedian Aries Spears drops a marriage bombshell, talks about being ni*er rich, Internet haters and more. Until then, enjoy this injuiry! Ian Smith, more April 3, 2018189 min 189 min ive from Milwaukee, WI, Duji brings in her puppy more April 2, 2018185 min 185 min The Hook-up, Rover was beat up by a girl, more March 29, 2018198 min 198 min Charlie and Duji got.

02/18/2016, dieter got some incredibly bad football knowledge from his uncle, and it stuck with him. Just imagine beep how annoying that would be! October 11, 2018189 min 189 min, nadz crapped on his floor, Duji is yelling at Jeffrey for not donating to a GoFundMe, more.

September 24, 2018183 min 183 min Live from Indianapolis, the Browns won a football game, more September 21, 2018184 min 184 min Is Charlie the new producer? Miller talks about his bad outfit, his recent run-ins with both controversy and the law, his marriage and more! Nadz does stand up for the sales people, Homeless guy calls in from his tent, more. September 26, 2018202 min 202 min, richard Rawlings, Bromances, more, september 25, 2018209 min 209 min. 04/29/2016 09/25/2015, ever notice ghost shows have one thing in common? October 5, 2018164 min 164 min, is this the beginning of the end for Duji, TJ Miller, more Rover and Duji get into an argument over Rochester. October 9, 2018189 min 189 min, rover and Nadz get into a huge argument on twitter, Charlie almost died on an ATV, more. 06/18/2018, the crew discusses who would win in a fight, the guys or their dads?, duji caught her daughter talking about a kid being bi, but claims she doesnt know what it means.