Shower drain hookup

shower drain hookup

shower base aside and draw an access slot on the subfloor, roughing in the new P-trap and drain line. Or you may overstep required minimum distances from toilets and sinks. We added a second layer of 1/2-in. Underlayment under the entire shower for a sturdier floor and to better match the finished floor height (1/2-in. Bath Product Material, avg. Delivery can take weeks, so dont rip anything apart until the new one is in hand. Cap the tub spout outlet on the underside of the mixing valve. A new shower drain must connect to the same diameter or larger size pipe. Tub with a fairly spacious 4-ft.

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A sanitary tee has a more gentle turn on the side connection than a square or water pipe tee. Pull any nails that fall within the cutting lines. Use plastic drain pipe and fittings, either PVC or ABS, for the new shower drain. Before you whip out your iPhone and call your neighborhood plumber for a job that's sure to cost you a pretty penny, check out this video to learn how to do some impressive plumbing yourself. Using a few tools you probably already have lying around your house, you'll learn how to install a shower base in your shower unit and then connect it with the drain - effectively, you'll be setting up a plumbing system. Step 19, copper. Turn off the water lines to the area you'll be working. If you're using PVC fittings, use PVC primer and cement to glue the pieces into the fitting.