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of the criminals most wanted by Miami i have no interest in sex or dating Valley law enforcement agencies. Northern Bureau, greene County Bureau, springfield Bureau, latest Local Videos next prev. The student will not be identified by name in these pages. The student is doing OK and the Anderson County deputy has been cited and suspended. Popular Stories iWitness7 is your chance to join the News Center 7 team! I've been reliving it every day.

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By, view More Video. The young woman and her partner were not charged in connection with the reported bus sex. In fact, State Police brass were so embarrassed by the reports content, they subsequently issued a sanitized version of the document and asked local media outlets to please disregard the original report. The confrontation occurred as a school bus traveled in an Armstrong County township about 50 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. In a January interview, the trooper said that, on second thought, his report was too explicit in terms of terminology and language. I pass by that house several times a day just to know that Jordan almost lost her life. As previously reported, it seems that Jordan relied on the Urban Dictionary is tinder just a hookup app for a definition of queef. Because nobody needs to be linked to the nickname Teen LaQueefa, which was coined by one Facebook wag. Upload your videos and photos and share with the entire whio-TV community! 2018 Cox Media Group. Trending Stories, kendrix Crow, who has cerebral palsy, was eased out of his stroller and crossed the finish line with some help at the Prairie Fire Half Marathon in Wichita on Sunday. The victim, Jordan noted, began to laugh and chuckled at the accused for her actions.