Funny hookup stories

funny hookup stories

and horny it usually ends with me pounding her pussy just like this night! Yep, you read that right, there is no such thing as having perfect sex. The Week After, a week after a threesome, my friend helped me discover the pleasure of sucking cock.

Petty officer skip, my early days in the Navy and my introduction to navy seals. Sissy slut used on cabin cruise. My Partner and I I always thought he was straight. Blown Off Shore, aboard that ship is where my first real sexual memory of thinking of another guy took place. Colonel Of Truth, lunch becomes an entirely different proposition when the new base commander invites you to his personal residence. Until Frank's sister Tammy decideds to give Lisa a Birthday Surprise. He got shot, I saved his life.

Chapter 2 in a series regarding the bisexual transformation of a man. One day he called when she was out and I decided to make my move. There are always going to be bumps, kinks, and some strange noises that come from everyone involved. First Nude Beach Experience, this is a true story about my first time on a nude beach. The meeting with the two studs in the hotel in my hot, slutty stockings and heels! The Ride of my Life, an abusive husband is paid back in a violent assault for the wrongs he has done.

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Rotc Friends This is a story about 3 friends playing around with each other that later turns into sex relations. Most of the time these things are harmless and arent even t then there are those times when it is totally noticeable. Bunkers are not for sleep As I see him open the door with only a pair of shorts. Not in sex but in violence. An afternoon matinee provides no relief from the heat as an older man warms up the crotch of a young Air Force enlisted man. Soldier's Story : Chapter 2 Warning explicit. Honky-Tonk, husband has too much to drink and wife persuades the cop not to arrest him.