Gas dryer hookup service

gas dryer hookup service

existing pipe and run a line to your stove. It would not increase the price I'd pay for the house, but it would be one less barrier to moving. A 3 prong will have 2 hot leads( black and red) that connect to the outer 2 terminals, and the white neutral wire goes to the center terminal. The igniter (thermal or spark ignition) is malfunctioning and must be replaced. But if you are going away for any extended time, shut down the gas line as well as the water lines (to a washer, for example). Also check if the dryer is plugged correctly. It may be possible that your burner is not igniting, not giving you any hot air and therefore not drying your clothes. Contact your local building inspector. Both appliances come with directions how to hook. Please don't get trapped in that mindset that you must have an appliance to dry your clothes.

Use a large romex compression fitting for the cord and insert it into the knock out plug in the cover of the termination box. Best advice, stick with the gas dryer. Attempting to converted from electric to gas without prior knowledge is very dangerous. Be sure to use a stainless steel connector. There are venting and fire safety issues to consider. As it only needs a relatively small amount of electrical power to drive its motor, and maybe also a timer, the electrical socket outlet which a gas dryer plugs into need not be much different to a normal wall socket outlet. These may be difficult to hear over the other noise. Question Do I need to carry extra insurance and install an alarm for a gas dryer? Configuring an electric dryer to gas is impractical, and simply an unwise thing to even attempt.

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