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keen surfer. Albert Rosenfield also informs Cole that he was contacted by an individual claiming to be Jeffries, which led to the killing of an agent stationed in Colombia. Her work earns praise from Cole and Rosenfield, who have her join the Blue Rose Task Force. Hank coldly replies: "you give me my alibi, and I'll give you a divorce". Earle was institutionalized after killing his wife Caroline, the love of Coopers life, and trying to kill Cooper as well. Annie ultimately begins to represent a dark and painful truth from his past. Evelyn is very wealthy, and she and her absentee husband, Geoffrey/Jeffrey, own a small fleet of expensive cars, which she initially drafts James to repair. The good Dale is in the Lodge, and he can't leave. Shelly - along with Donna Hayward and Audrey Horne - later receives fragments of poetry from former FBI man Windom Earle, as part of Earle's elaborate scheme.

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He is a Native American, but it is not made clear to which nation he belongs, although during a discussion as to whether or not Tommy believes in the soul he references Blackfoot Indian mysticism to Special Agent Dale Cooper. She ultimately dies of heart failure from "fear" after an encounter with evil spirit BOB after having shot and killed Thomas Eckhardt, a long-time tormentor of hers due to his obsession with her. Maddy quickly befriends Donna Hayward and James Hurley, Laura's closest friends, and helps them in their investigation into Laura's death. The Doc is generally a balanced, fair man, but he is especially upset by Laura's murder, as he is a friend of the Palmers and his daughters knew her well. Sadistic and volatile, he regularly beats and rapes her for both real and imagined transgressions, ranging from her infidelity with high school football player Bobby Briggs to his dissatisfaction with the way she washes the kitchen floor. This is mainly due to her habit of always carrying a small log in her arms, with which she seems to share a psychic connection, often dispensing advice and visions of clairvoyance which she claims come from the log; 9 prior to the murder, she. J├╝rgen Prochnow David Brisbin Robert Broski Jones family and associates Douglas "Dougie" Jones A tulpa created by Cooper's doppelganger to avoid going back to the Black Lodge, apparently heavily indebted to someone. Briggs himself appears before Cooper as a floating head. It is only later revealed that Josie is, in truth, a classic " femme fatale " whose innocence masks a manipulative and cold-blooded side. He flees from the Twin Peaks police into Canada, but is questioned incognito by Agent Cooper at One Eyed Jacks.

She engages James in a kind of boy toy sexual relationship, intending to set him up as the fall guy for her husband's death. The Log Lady is a fixture in the town of Twin Peaks by the time of Laura Palmer's murder, and most residents in the town regard her as crazy. The tulpa also says that Diane is the estranged half-sister of Janey-E Jones, who married the decoy Cooper replaces in his return to the natural realm.