Chase ads same sex couples

chase ads same sex couples

Graham's post. Asad Dhunna PrideAM, once uncertain about marketing to this community, many brands are now grappling with how best to keep up with rapid social change and reflect their own markets and consumers. Almost a decade ago, in 2008, a spot for Pepsi Max showed two men in a bar encouraging their friend to chat up a woman. Christian Evangelist Franklin Graham has sparked an angry Facebook debate about gay rights when he announced he is pulling all of his organization's millions out of Wells Fargo accounts in response to the bank's recent ad campaign featuring a lesbian couple. As early as 2010, Lloyds Banking Group in the.K. In a blog post published Aug. While in India, Procter Gambles recent Vicks campaign "Touch of care" advocates for trans rights. Part of why she thinks the ad resonates is because it embodies Wells' "total market approach" to its advertising. "Diversity and inclusion is something we live internally very strongly Moldafsky said. Initiatives around Pride events have become more sophisticated from Burger Kings "Proud Whopper" and the Rainbow Google Doodle to the W Hotels campaign to launch Jen-nifer Hudsons. But how relevant does such activity feel when created solely to chase the "pink pound"?

chase ads same sex couples

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The poignant campaign tells the true story of a young Indian orphan adopted by Gauri Sawant, a 37-year-old Mumbai-based transgender woman and social activist. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below, several major companies have recently debuted commercials and ads featuring same-sex couples. No matter how things change, what makes us wholesome never will, says the voiceover. "I can just see the advertiser deciding Ooh, the same-sex couple can hug, maybe not kiss". Since then, small steps have been taken toward trans equality. The timing for an ad of this nature was just right, according to Chris Nichols, the chief strategy officer of CenterState Bank Winter Haven, Fla. Big Brother in 2004 and put a face and personality to peoples stereotyped ideas about transsexual people.