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the development of various patterns of emotional behavior. Harlow replied by return of post, thanking Bowlby for the paper, which he several years later (in a letter to Bowlby, March 25, 1959) would refer to as a reference bible: Your interests are (.) closely akin to a research program I am developing. If that means wearing a tux, if that means wearing a short dress, a floor-length dress, or whatever the case is do what feels right to you. Bowlby was undoubtedly referring to the second of four so-called Ciba-symposia 4 to be held in London in the fall of 1961. Second, he mentioned the view that separation anxiety may mirror birth trauma and is the counterpart to the craving of the infant in the return-to-the-womb theory met before. (Bowlby in Foss 1969,. Harry Harlow has got to London last night so missed the first two days but is now with. I hope too you will put me on your list to send mimeograph versions as and when your stuff goes further forward.

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This type of developmental research required the establishment of a breeding colony of rhesus monkeys. Although they influenced each other and their relationship was very cordial in the days they interacted, Hinde in retrospect remembers that at that time their approaches were still rather far apart: I must have next met Harry when I visited Madison and was appalled. Hinde has good memories of the event: It was a wonderful conference, about three weeks, where you had nothing to publish, and if you did not finish what you had to say today there was always tomorrow (Robert Hinde, personal communication, March 14, 2007). The next sub-topic (Bowlby 1969/ 1982,. The monkeys were kept separated at all times to avoid any spread of disease. He shared this restraint with Harlow who often reiterated that monkeys are not furry little men with tails. But in contrast to what might be expected, when Lehrman visited Europe in 1954 and met with leading ethologists, he was very well received.

Several pages later, in discussing the consequences of disrupting the motherinfant bond, Bowlby mentioned the substitution of one behavior for another due to frustration when the normal event was blocked,.g., thumb sucking or overeating when denied maternal access. Xiii) It is clear that both Harlow and Bowlby shared these positive feelings about the effectiveness of the symposia and that Bowlby was very pleased with the way things worked out. He meticulously described Harlows (Harlow and Zimmermann 1959b ; Harlow 1961 ) experiments with the cloth and wire mother illustrating that contact comfort led to attachment behaviour whereas food did not and that typical attachment behaviour is directed to the non-feeding cloth model whereas.