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Schools, Colleges and other Educational/Technical Training Institutes through icds functionaries @ one show. On declining sex ratio/female foeticide etc. The full ritual, which takes several weeks, symbolizes the acceptance of traditional rulers, the unity of the state, the agricultural cycle, fertility, and potency. The temple hymns were the first collection of their kind; in them Enheduanna states: "My king, something has been created that no one has created before." 22 The copying of the hymns indicates the temple hymns were in use long after Enheduanna's death and were. Budget Estimate : (Rs. There were also clan-specific food taboos on particular birds and wild animals. IFA tablets, Vitamin A supplements are be provided to all children (0-6 years pregnant and lactating mothers and adolescent girls and deworming tablets will be provided to children from 1 to 6 years. Among co-wives, the ranking wife is usually determined by clan memberships rather than by order of marriage. Her composition 'The Exaltation of Inanna' or nin me ara 11 details her expulsion from Ur and eventual reinstatement. Simelane, Nomthetho.,.

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The Umbutfo Swaziland Defense Force and the Royal Swaziland Police are under civilian control. 500/- respectively at block level and. Boys needed to be hardened for public life, and so they were socialized by older youths and took care of livestock. Mother should have been fully immunized with Tetanus T-Oxide and she should have taken full course of IFA tablets (100 Tab.) during her pregnancy (ies). Ancient, sumerian bas-relief portrait depicting Enheduanna, enheduanna sumerian :, 1 also transliterated. Elisabeth Meier Tetlow (2004). to assess the status of infant and young child feeding practices in Haryana State. Less than.2 for year 2005-06 (i.e. Ur Excavations II: The royal cemetery: a report on the pre-dynastic and Sargonid graves excavated between 19". Certain parts of the homestead are ritually protected; the royal burial sites in the southern mountains are considered sacred.